Jung Jae‐Wook

Pen name: Hyun Yang

Date of Birth: November 6, 1942


Educational Background:

·         Graduate from the College of Pharmacy at Yeungnam University (Degree in Pharmacy)

·         M.S. in Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmacy, Ewha Womens University

·         Graduate from School of Bastyr Oriental Medical College, Seattle, U. S. A

·         Ph. D. in Pharmacy at the Graduate School of Pharmacy, Yeungnam University

General Experience:

·         Feb. 1995: Established Islamabad Foreign Womens Association (IFWA) in Pakistan, First and Second Presidents

·         May 1998: First Vice President and Korean President of Seoul International Womens Association – SIWA

·         Sept. 1998: Established JKR Co., Ltd.

·         Nov. 1998: Chairman of Women Pharmacist Alumni of the School of Pharmacy at Yeungnam University in Seoul

·         July 1999: Vice Chairperson, Seoul District, Korea Women Enterpreneur Association

·         June 2000: Korean Focal Point, 2000 APEC 5th Women Leaders Network - Darusalem, Brunei

·         Jan. 2001 ~ Present: Vice President, Korean Women Pharmacist Association

·         Mar. 2001~ Present: Vice President, CWBCAPEC Economies

·         July 2001: CEO of Pamri Co., Ltd

·         2002: Director of National Women Group Association

·         2003 ~ Present: Chairperson, Vitamin Bank Co., Ltd

·         2003 ~ Present: CEO Solid Light Co., Ltd.

·         2003 ~ Present: Chairman of the Association of Women Pharmacists of Pharmacy Schools Nationwide

·         Aug. 2004: Member of the Preparation Committee for the 10th APEC WLN Meeting

·         Sept. 2004 ~ Present: Head of Songpa Recycling Cultural Center

·         Nov. 2004 ~ Present: Chairman of International Green Life Association

·         Mar. 2005 ~ Present: Chairman of Alumni of the School of Pharmacy at Yeungnam University in Seoul