The Executive Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union has declared 2010 to be the year of active participation in the special emulations; improvement of the activity quality of the organization and effectively implementation of the VWU’s mandate of representing and protecting women’s legitimate rights. The key tasks and activities for the VWU in 2010 are:

1.Communicating important events of the country and of VWU such as, the 50th Anniversary of the Long-hair Army, 1970th Anniversary of Two Trung’s Uprising, 100th Anniversary of the International Women’s Day, 45th Women’s “Three Responsibilities” Movement, 25th Anniversary of the Kovalevskaia Prize, 80th Anniversary of Women’s Union Foundation.


2.Communicating the 11th Party’s Congress at different levels and the results of the campaign “to study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example”.


3.Generating opinions to the Party’s documents at different levels focusing o­n women, gender equality and family issues; participating in developing the “National Strategy for Gender Equality in 2011-2020”.


4.Applying new forms and integrated models to support the poor and the near-to-poverty women to develop their economy; cooperating with different agencies to organize vocational training, introduce ways of applying science and new technology, create jobs, and effectively use the resources for women.


5.Expanding the implementation of the "5 Don'ts and 3 Dos" within family-basic to 100% local Women's Unions in order to meet the needs of women and contribute to the development of prosperous, equal, progressive, and happy families.


6.Organizing the Mid-term review of the resolution of the 10th National Women’ Congress.


7.Hosting the General Assembly of the ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organization (ACWO) and ACWO Leader Board Meeting.



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