Lao leader appreciates help from Vietnamese women

Choummaly Sayasone, General Secretary of the Lao People Revolutionary Party and President, highly valued the sincere and effective assistance from the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) to Laos while receiving a high-level delegation of the VWU in Vientiane on July 16.

The Lao leader informed the guests that Lao female officials trained in Vietnam are now developing their knowledge and capacity at the Lao Women’s Association’s organisations.

He expressed his wish that women’s organisations from the two countries continue co-operation and expected that there would be more and more women participating in the leadership and management of Party and State agencies in the two countries.

The Lao leader, o­n behalf of the Lao people and government, expressed gratitude to the Vietnamese people, especially the Vietnamese women, whose sons, husbands and brothers, volunteered to fight to help Laos in its past struggle for national liberation, and in current process of economic development.

He stressed that the presence of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers and experts in the past and numerous businesses at present shared the same goal of freedom and prosperity for Laos and the Laos-Vietnam special friendship.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, VWU President and Head of the VWU delegation to Laos, briefed the Lao leader o­n the results of talks between the two women’s organisations, the implementation of an agreement signed between the two sides during a Vietnam visit by a delegation of the Lao Women’s Association in 2008 and a co-operation plan for the future.

The two organisations plan to co-operate in personnel training, implementing social welfare and poverty reduction programmes, as well as boosting co-operation and information exchange at regional and international forums.

The same day, the Vietnamese women’s delegation met Lao women, who used to study in Vietnam.