Laotian Health Minister visited and worked with Viet Nam Women's Union

On a visit to Viet Nam to study and exchange experiences on August, 8th 2006, the Laotian Health Minister, Vice Chairman of Laotian Committee for Mothers and Children, Ponemek Dalaloy together with the senior official delegation of Laotian Committee of Mothers and Children worked with the Viet Nam Women's Union.

At the working session, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, member of Central Communist Party Committee, Vice President of Viet Nam Women's Union and Laotian Health Minister shared the experience of the Viet Nam Women's Union in implementing the policies and strategies for protection and health care for mothers, children and families as well as experience in managing and organizing programs and projects, studying the community's model. Vice President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa also mentioned the experience of Viet Nam Women's Union in coordinating with internal committees, branches and unions to carry out the National Program o­n hunger elimination and poverty reduction. The program is o­ne of the VWU's efforts and success which have been acknowledged by the United Nations and other international organizations. The program is also of interest to a wide range of Vietnamese women at all classes and a stimulus for VWU's movements and activities in many aspects including population, family and children. The two sides emphasized that o­ne of the effective measures to strengthen the precious relationship between women and people of Viet Nam and Laos was to regularly organize meetings for the provincial women unions in the provinces along the boundary of the two countries to exchange, study and share experience.

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Translated by Int'l Relations Dept.