Legislators want family violence law

Legislators at the 12th National Assembly said on November 1 that a Family Violence Prevention Law is urgently needed.

The family violence prevention bill comprises six chapters and 50 articles which stipulate family violence prevention, the protection and help to victims of family violence, the responsibility of individuals, family, organisations and agencies in preventing family violent crimes.  

The bill also states defines that the State should encourage organisations and individuals to ease family tensions, allow alcoholics to kick their habit, help poor families through hunger eradication and poverty reduction, vocational training, job generation and other socio-economic development programmes.  

It also said that the State encourages international co-operation in preventing family violence and building and implementing programmes o­n the issue based o­n the principles of equality and respect of sovereignty in conformity with the law of each country and international law.  

According to a recent survey, 7.4% of surveyed people reported instances of physical violence in the community and 30% of married women said that they had been raped by their spouses.