Letter of President of Vietnam Women’s Union sent to Minister of Malaysian Ministry on Women, Family and Community Development.

Right after the article “Vietnamese bride was auctioned in Malaysia” was published in Tien Phong newspaper on 8th May 2006, Mme. Ha Thi Khiet – Member of Vietnam Central Party, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union, President of the National Committee for the Advancement of Women sent a letter to Mme. Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Zalil - Minister of the Malaysian Ministry on Women, Family and Community Development and Mme. Ramani Gurusamy, Vice President of the National Council of Women’s Organizations in Malaysia. Hereinafter is the full text of the letter addressed to Mme. Minister.

9th May 2006


May I extend to you my best compliments!


In Vietnam we were impressed to notice that Your Excellency, o­n the behalf of the Malaysian Ministry o­n Women, Family and Community Development, had criticized the acts of auction of a Vietnamese bride in a locality in Malaysia.


This event seriously hurts all of us and we can not forgive o­nce a woman’s dignity and rights are abused. Any form of commercial marriage mediation or trafficking in women abusing women’s dignity and affecting our social security…, must be strongly criticized by the public and timely addressed by the laws.


To avoid such unforgivable mistake in the future, the Vietnam Women’s Union looks forward to stronger support and cooperation from the Ministry as well as other concerned Malaysian authorities, media and social organizations in protecting Vietnamese women’s legitimate rights and condemning any acts violating women’s dignity and rights.


I wish Your Excellency and your family good health, happiness and successes.





Ha Thi Khiet