Malaysia Newspaper praises Vietnam’s economic development.

Hanoi (Vietnam News agency) – Malaysia Star Newspaper on 1st January carried the article “A story of successful economic development”, praising Vietnam’s market-oriented economy as “a silent burst” with a continuous high growth for many years

The newspaper quoted Mr. Klaus Roland - the World Bank’s representative in Vietnam: “Vietnam is a story of great success. It can be said that besides China, Vietnam is the most successful economy in the world”.


The Star Newspaper cited the statistics showing that after 20 years of Doi Moi process (Renovation), Vietnam has achieved approximately 8.4% of GDP, 5,8 billion USD of FDI –a rise of 25%, a decrease by half of poor people and an increase by twice of income per capital in 2005


This year, the total volume of Vietnam’s export reaches 32 billion USD, increasing by 24% against that in 2004. At present, Vietnam ranks the first in pepper, the second in rice and the third in coffee export in the world.


According to the article, needless to look into the official economic statistics but o­nly the real changes in available goods in Hanoi, o­ne can tell how dramatically the Vietnam’s economy develops./.

By Thu Huong