Meeting for the Female Members of the XII National Assembly

On 10th June 2010, The Central Vietnam Women’s Union held a meeting for the female members of the XII National Assembly at the Center for Women and Development, 20 Thuy Khue Street, Ha Noi.

Attendance were Mrs. Ha Thi Khiet, Secretary of the Central Communist Party, Head of the Central Party Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilization, and Mr. Luong Van Cu, Vice-Chairman of the Committee of Social Affairs of the National Assembly. Speaking at the meeting, Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Hoa, member of the Central Communist Party, and President of the Vietnam Women’s Union, expressed her wish to the women members of the National Assembly to continue contributing their opinions and ideas to the development of laws such as Laws of the Public Officials and Civil Servants, Human Trafficking Prevention, Civil Procedures, the adjusted law of National Assembly Deputies election as well as to the questioning issues relating to gender equality, women and children.Through the VWU, NA female members can propose to the Party and the State the measures to increase the percentage of the women in the Party’s Committees at all levels, in the female National Assembly members, and in the People’s Council in the coming term.


On behalf of the VWU Presidium, Standing Vice-President Nguyen Thi Kim Thuyreported o­n some key VWU activities in 2010, including VWU recommendations and proposals to the Party in order to enhance the contingent of the female cadres at all levels according to the Resolution No. 11-TW of the Political Bureau. VWU activities were to actively implement the Resolution and monitor its performance. After monitoring, the VWU coordinated with the Central Personnel Committee of the Vietnam Communist Party to organize seminar and develop report o­n the work of women cadres in which included 10 recommendations. Up to now, some of these recommendations were accepted, such as the proposal to lengthen the working age for women cadres at the level of vice-minister and equivalent positions to be equal as men; the proposal to transform the Women’s Cadres School into Vietnam Women’s Academy; establishment of Direction Committees and Edition groups for projects in which VWU has its representatives, for example: a project o­n renewing the procedures of introducing young cadres, female cadres, and ethnic minority cadres to leadership and management positions, a project o­n increasing the percentage ofwomen candidates for the elections to the National Assembly and People’s Council in line with gender equality goals in the 2011-2015 term and also guidelines for the implementation of regulations of planning, creating women cadre resources, and other regulations regarding women in the government.


At the meeting, participants shared their concerns, discussed experiences of neighboring countries and concentrated o­n discussing, exchanging and proposing measures in order to increase the percentage of women members in the Party’s Committees, in the National Assembly and in the People’s Councils at all levels in the coming time.


On behalf of Central Communist Party and the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilization, Mrs. Ha Thi Khiet, expressed her thanks to VWU for organizing the meeting with the NA female members and affirmed that the Central Communist Party always pays attention to the women percentage in the Party’s Committees. She also requested that the VWU and women cadres themselves actively search for resources, enhance their support for development, and continue proposing the ideas, suggestions and initiatives to the National Committee for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam (NCFAW) and VWU.

Translated by Int’l Relations Dept