Meeting of the Female Delegates at the 10th National Party Congress

On the afternoon of 18 April 2006, a meeting was held in the VWU head office for the female delegates to the 10th National Party Congress.

Mme. Truong My Hoa, Vice Chairwoman of the State, Mme. Tong Thi Phong, Head of the Central Party’s People Mobilization Commission and 134 other female delegates were present.


Mme. Truong Thi Khue – VWU Vice-president reported o­n the various activities of women throughout the country to welcome the 10th Congress as well as the VWU’s preparation for the Plan of Action to implement the coming Congress’ Resolution.


Speaking at the meeting, Mme. Tong Thi Phong highly praised the achievements of the VWU and women’s movements over the recent years and urged VWU to thoroughly prepare for its coming National Congress following local WU Congresses, as well as to realize the Party’s Resolution in the organization’s programs.


On behalf of VWU leadership, Mme. Ha Thi Khiet – VWU President – expressed the Vietnamese women’s joy over the country’s achievements under the Party’s renovation line, gratefulness to the Party’s guidance and confidence in the success of the Party Congress. She also thanked the female delegates for their attention and support to the women’s movement and pledged to advance the movement to a higher level .

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Translated by Int’l Relations Department