Meeting with the Delegation from the Communist Party of Bangladesh

On May 14th 2010, Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Mme. H’Ngam Nie K’Dam met with the delegation from the Communist Party of Bangladesh led by Party Chairman Mr. Manzurul Ahsan Khan, during their official visit to Vietnam to attend the international workshop on Ho Chi Minh’s legacy in the present era.

Joining the delegation was Mrs. Monira Bengum, member of the Central Party, President of the Women’s Union of Bangladesh

On behalf of Bangladeshi women, Mr. Manzurul Ahsan Khan, extended his best wishes to the Vietnam Women’s Union, expressing his appreciation of the development of women in Vietnam and wishing to gain more insights o­n the Vietnam women’s movement. o­n this occasion, he shared the information about women’s situation in Bangladesh and the Communist Party’s support for the promotion of women’s rights. Currently, women make up 30% of the Party’s members, according to Mr. Manzurul.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged information o­n women’s situation, particularly in regards to gender equality in the two countries.

On behalf of the VWU, Vice President H’Ngam Nie K’Dam expressed sincere thanks to the delegation for giving much attention to Vietnam women in general and VWU in particular and hoped that the relationship between the two countries will be further developed.

According to the program, the delegation will visit Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Bangladesh, the youngest country in South Asia was established in 1971. Its history and culture is attached to those of India. Before 1947, Bangladesh was a part of the Indian subcontinent. After 1947, it became a part of Pakistan. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh was established o­n March 26, 1971. Bangladesh has a multi-party democratic regime. The current Prime Minister is Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wazed. The VWU has friendships and cooperates with several women’s organizations in Bangladesh, especially Grameen Bank. Up to now, VWU has sent many delegations to Bangladesh to study micro-credit services for women.

Translated by International Department, the VWU