Message of Condolence


Hanoi, 5th October 2009

Message of Condolence


To: National Council of Indonesian Women


Being shocked by the news that the strong earthquake o­n 30th Sept, 2009 hits the West Sumatra, Indonesia, the Vietnam Women’s Union would like extend our sympathy and deep condolences to the victims and their families, the women and people in the effected areas for the great losses in lives and properties caused by the recent quake.

 This horrible earthquake has been killing more than 1,000 lives, making thousands of people being injured and trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings and landslides, thousands of houses, schools, hospitals and offices being damaged or collapsed, thus causing the severe consequences in lives, property and environment for people in the affected areas.

 With the great efforts from the Indonesian government and its people, together with the strong support from international communities, we do hope that Indonesian people will soon recover the quake aftermaths and stabilize the life for the local people.


On behalf of Vietnam Women’s Union



Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa