More 4000 WU’s cadres and members of Bac Yen District (Son La Province) are literate

The illiterate members of Bac Yen District Women’s Union accounts for 80% of all illiteracy. Eradication of illiteracy is the most urgent task at every level of the Women’s Union in Bac Yen District of Son La Province .

Male dominance and gender bias practices have limited opportunities for women to fully develop their skills and perform to their potential in their families and community.Some traditional attitudes about duties of daughter-in-law after marriage have prevented married women from full participation and respect. This lack of opportunity for women hinders their progress in both family and community.


In this situation, Bac Yen WU cooperated with Department of Education and Training to mobilize and organize a number of anti-illiteracy classes for women. In 2001-2002, 2 anti-illiteracy classes were opened for 104 women, who are leaders of Women’s Union in communes and villages such as: Tan Xua, Lang Cheu, Xim Vang, Hang Chu and Pac Nga. With government support, the WU helps women to purchase food, necessary tools, and to complete necessary training.Good results are evident quickly:the anti-illiteracy work is a widely socialized initiative, such that “every person is learning, every family is learning”. So far, in Bac Yen, 4000 members are now literate; 411 women have graduated from primary school; 150 women have gradated from secondary school; and the number of school dropout children has clearly decreased.

Ngoc Loan-Information, Education and Communication
Translated by Int’l Relations Department