Mozambique President’s spouse visits Vietnam Women’s Union

In the morning January 17th, Vice President Nguyen Thi Oanh warmly received Mozambique President’s spouse – Mme Maria De Luther Guebuza in an official visit to Vietnam.

Mozambique President’s spouse - Mme Maria De Luther Guebuza expressed her pleasure to visit Vietnam and Vietnam Women’s Union witnessinghistorical achievements of Vietnamese people in general and Women in particular in the transformation process. She also expressed her admiration to the Vietnamese women’ contribution to the two struggles for national independence and freedom as well as the present cause of poverty alleviation and economic development. She confirmed that this is an occasion to boot and develop the traditional relations and cooperation with the Vietnamese women in many aspects. Particularly, experiences of Vietnam in poverty reduction, economic and educational development, fighting against HIV/AIDS would be very valuable to Mozambique.


Vice President Nguyen Thi Oanh appreciated the sentiments that Mme Maria De Luther Guebuza reserved to the Vietnamese women. VWU is opened with pleasure to share its experiences in poverty reduction and development of economy and education… Mme N.T. Oanh expressed her belief that, the official visit of Mozambique President and spouse would help to strengthen the traditional friendship and cooperation between the two countries as well as to promote the advancement of the women in the two countries.


At the same day, in the afternoon, Mozambique President’s spouse - Maria De Luther Guebuza and her accompanied delegates paid a visit to the Vocational Training and Employment Promotion Center of Hanoi Women’s Union

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Translated by Int’l Relations Department