Mrs World Pageant will feature Vietnam

Jeffey Androsky, Star World’s director will be the general director on the final night of Mrs World Pageant.


Mr Androsky said that images of Vietnam will always appear during the two-hour programme. From the beginning to the end, the programme will focus o­n and demonstrate two words “Viet Nam”.

The final night will be conducted by two MCs – Hollywood star movie, Allan Thicke and Vietnamese MC Quynh Huong.

The organising board said that around 90 countries and territories have so far registered to joint the pageant. It has also carried out a wide range of activities to promote the pageant.

The board is making 28-minute film with the theme “Ba Ria-Vung Tau, its land and people” to be broadcast o­n VTV2, VTV4 from October 25 to Mid November.

The Star World Channel will screen a 20-minute film o­n Vietnam, helping TV viewers worldwide to take a closer look at Vietnam and its people, from the costumes, songs, the children and daily activities. This is to promote the impressive beauty of Vietnam in general and Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province in particular.

Around 200 million people in the world know the pageant will be held in Vietnam. The final night will be broadcast live o­n Star World and nearly 70 TV stations around the world with an estimated 250 million TV viewers.

The final night of the Mrs. World Pageant will take place at 8pm o­n November 22, 2009.