Ms. Lore Harp McGovern: " I am impressed by Vietnamese women"

Ms. Lore Harp McGovern, a member of Committee 200 (C200)-successful American women entrepreneurs who are heads of corporations, companies and businesses having annual revenue of more than 250 million USD each or owners of private enterprises having at least 15 million USD as revenue... come to Vietnam to attend Vietnam-America Women Entrepreneurs Conference. She is pleased to be interviewed by a press reporter.

Reporter: What do you think about Vietnamese women?


Ms. Lore Harp McGovern: This is my 8th visit to Vietnam and I am impressed by Vietnamese women. They are smart, dynamic, industrious and ambitious. I strongly believe in them, in their ability and way to success. Similar to Vietnamese women, women all over the world have a common wish. They all want to be successful, have better life and happy family. They bring up their children and want to see them succeed too. I do hope that Vietnamese women and women in the world will have closer relations in many fields.


Reporter: How about their capacity in doing business?


Ms. Lore Harp McGovern: women can work as good as men can. I mean that there is no difference between women and men in doing business. Women can succeed in different fields such as in science, politics, culture and trading activities.... In fact, there have been many women who are very successful in their businesses.


Reporter: However, they are facing more difficulties than men, aren't they?


Ms. Lore Harp McGovern : Of course, women normally meet with many difficulties in doing business. A part from common obstacles that confront both men and women such as lack of capital, no control of changes in the market... women have additional tasks of taking care household chores and children rearing. To accomplish them, women often have to consider how to balance these two equally important responsibilities.


Reporter: What did C200 do to support Vietnamese women entrepreneurs?


Ms. Lore Harp McGovern: We do not directly invest in any particular company, instead, we indirectly support enterprises/companies in conducting their business. C200 has constantly granted scholarships to excellent female students who are studying master in Business Administration (MBA) in some famous Business Management Schools in America. This year, for the first time, we did grant 2 scholarships worth 5,000 USD each to 2 excellent Vietnamese students. In order to be selected as scholars, applicants have to go through a very strict selecting process. As required, each applicant has to write a short essay o­n a required topic and then o­n themselves describing about their qualifications and experience.


Reporter: How do you evaluate the environment for investment in Vietnam?


Ms. Lore Harp McGovern: Vietnam has achieved relatively fast growth in GDP. This is wonderful. I think you have good environment for investment. Investment policies have been being improved since the signing of Bilateral Commercial Treaty with the United States and during the process of joining WTO. I have seen a lot of improvements in the environment for investments in Vietnam. In addition, investments in Vietnamese companies are progressing since you have many talented young people with many interesting business initiatives. It is noted that Vietnam has a pretty large market, so with adequate financial investment, I do believe that companies, which are currently working in Vietnam, will prosper.


Reporter: Thank you very much!
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