Nguyen Lan Ha: Two Golden Kite Awards in eight years

A Golden Kite Award was presented to Nguyen Lan Ha for the best supporting role when she was only 12, and another presented for the main actress role when she was 20, Lan Ha is a rising star in Vietnam’s film-making art. Phan Thanh Phong writes.

At 20 years of age, the 3rd year student at Hue College of Art had already had 8 years of acting experience. In 2000, her acting career came when she was studying at the Hue cultural place. Director Pham Nhue Giang, while looking for the supporting role for her award winning film ‘the Sandy Life’ she found a talent in this 12 year old girl. “I have never thought that I could stand in front of a camera to act” Lan Ha confessed later. Interesting enough, her first act has won her a Golden Kite Award, the most prestigious award for the film-marking art in Vietnam.


Ha returned to school after that film. Until years later, when an actress in the film ‘The Sandy Life’, who was then a director herself, remembered the girl whom she co-played, contacted her for a new role in the film ‘The Little Heart’. Her role is a much more complicated role, being a rural girl going to town, with various psychological developments. But she has been successful “thanks to her enquiring mind”, according to Director Thanh Van.


Although bagging two Golden Kite awards, Ha has always displayed a willingness to learn from her seniors. Ha thinks knowledge and living experiences will help her in her future. “The film –making art has brought me new discovery about myself. I want to play a role in a film because I want to test my abilities and to play well in any roles,” Ha said.

Nhan Dan