Open letter from the Vietnam Women’s Union protesting war and devastation to civilians in the Middle East

The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) expresses its deep concern at the recent war and violence escalation in the Middle East, which heavily harm civilians in Lebanon and Palestine, especially women and children.

VWU strongly opposes war of aggression and military attacks that violate territory integration of sovereign states, and condemns the forces that are destabilizing the Middle East o­n the pretext of anti-terrorism.


We call o­n Israel and Hezbollah forces to immediately cease military offensives and call o­n parties to solve the differences through peaceful negotiations. We call for attention and urgent actions by the United Nations and international community to meet humanitarian needs of the people, women, and children in Lebanon and Palestine, and at the same time, for actions to strongly move forward the peace process in the Middle East.


One again VWU expresses its sympathy with the people in Lebanon and Palestine and solidarity with the forces of peace in the Middle East. May you be stronger in these difficult moments!


On behalf of the Vietnam Women’s Union

President Ha Thi Khiet