Overseas Vietnamese supported the opening of Vietnam Women's Unions abroad at the Vietnam Women's Congress last week in Hanoi.

The overseas guests – several presidents of women's unions and Vietnam Associations in foreign countries – supported the plan and expressed their gratitude for the invitation at a meeting with the Committee for Overseas Vietnamese after the congress.

“I am really moved,” said Phan Bich Thien, a delegate from Hungary. “I am very honored… I am very happy with this congress's decision to found Vietnam Women's Union abroad.”

The other overseas guests included Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thach (Poland), Trinh Thi Mui (Germany), Therese Nguyen Van Ky (France), Nguyen Thanh Bich Thuy (Australia), Tran Thi Le (Thailand), Nguyen Thi Giap (Laos) and Nghiem Nhat Mai (Angola).

The Congress has been held every five years for the past 50 years by the Vietnam Women's Union.

Reported by Lan Anh/Thanhnien News