Party leader Manh offers goals for Women’s Union

Nearly 1,200 women representatives from all over the country attended the 10th National Women’s Congress in Ha Noi yesterday.

Present at the meeting, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said he appreciated the achievements gained by women nationwide and efforts made by the Union at all levels but also pointed out areas he wanted the Union to focus o­n in the future: First, to continue raising activities o­n gender equality;

Second, to build, complete and implement laws and policies o­n gender equality as soon as possible, creating good conditions for women’s development;

Third, to care for training women staff, creating a favourable environment for women employees to develop themselves;

Fourth, to renew Union activities, consider its strategic tasks as integral to the country’s path to development, and consolidate the organisation to make it stronger and more effective.

President Nguyen Minh Triet yesterday also met with some representatives of the congress.

The Party, State and people consistently and highly value the role of Vietnamese women and the contribution of the Women’s Union, said Triet.

Women have played an indispensable part in the success of the nation’s revolution, he said, and the nation was proud of its women whom the late President Ho Chi Minh called "diligent, undaunted, loyal and responsible."

Triet said the entire nation was watching the progress of the current congress and hoped that it would develop policies to enable women to make greater contributions to national construction and defence.

Triet also asked women around the country to make efforts to sharpen their capacity and knowledge to meet the new demands in this time of integration. In addition, offices, mass organisations and families should support and facilitate women in building their capacity for both household and societal responsibilities. He hoped the union would be a true, close friend for all women and its affiliation would reach all women in all areas of the country. The union needed to broaden its efforts to attract the participation of women from overseas as well as strengthen the training of women from the grassroots level.