PEDC project helped change face of primary education in disadvantaged areas

CPV) – On December 8th, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Education and Training held a conference to sum-up the Primary Education for Disadvantaged Children (PEDC) project which started in 2003 and completed in 2010.

(The project was carried out in 227 districts that have difficulties in education in 40 provinces nationwide, with the total investment of 243 million USD.

The project aimed to improve quality of education services and underprivileged children’s access to school, is o­ne of the most efficient educational projects in Vietnam.

Thanks to the project, over 300,000 teachers and managing officials in the projected localities were provided with training in 14 different programmes.

More than 19,860 classrooms in 6,720 schools, 5,100 teacher’s rooms, and 10,640 toilets were built and upgraded. 72,000 school desks, 3,400 tables for teachers, and thousands of blackboards were provided for schools.

The project also helped improve the quality of primary education services through training teachers as well as assistants to help teachers and students of ethnic minority groups to better understand each other and grasp the curricula.