Pham Quynh Anh becomes Star!

With the song “Bonjour Vietnam”, singer Pham Quynh Anh continues to affirm herself as a star. We would like to hereby introduce the newest article in a French Newspaper to you to know more about Quynh Anh from a foreigners’ point of view.

Her 1st disk 45 circle (duet with Marc Lavoine) does not appear yet but the whole world is scrambling for this Belgian singer.

At the age of 19, the ambition of this young girl is bigger than any other stars of Star Académicien. The Vietnamese Belgian girl has built for herself a bright career while musical circle tends to appreciate young “dusk” singers.

Singing a duet in J’espère (I hope) and being o­n tour (what was concluded in Forest National o­n 30 March 2006) with Marc Lavoine, she became a well-known person in the community of Vietnamese people over the world.

The demo of Bonjour Vietnam, a song in her forthcoming album has been uncarefully found in the internet. And a real phenomenon happened: being attractive by the song (which talks about Quynh Anh’s home land, where she has never visited), many Vietnamese people has translated it and made a video clip for her. And consequently, the producers had to bear losses as these things were not allowed yet.

Currently, there are about 800 websites talking about Quynh Anh. Many invitations for performance come to her from England, the US and Asian countries.

However, to be fair, Quynh Anh also brought “benefit” to Marc Lavoine because thanks to this song, international public might know better about him.

Sponsor for Quynh Anh is Bernard Carbonez. He also discovered other singers as Patrick Bruel, Elsa and Roch Voisine. He paid attention to her through the program “Pour la gloire” (For the glory) of RTBF. According to him, the disk 45 circles of Quynh Anh and Marc Lavoine is the 1st step for a long but promising itinerary.

While waiting for the 1st solo to come in Autumn, the song J’espère (with Marc Lavoine) will be published in May. The same as the admiration for Bonjour Vietnam in the internet that surprised people, he said: “We did not expect it! This is the 1st time in my life that I can see such result”.

If Quynh Anh tries to concentrate for the tour with Marc Lavoine, the next part will be ensured: her recent success through internet foretelling her bright career in the future.

Tuoi Tre Online
Translated by VWU Int’l Relations Dept.