Phillipine Women’s delegation visits Việt Nam

At the invitation of the Vietnam Women’s Union, the delegation (8 leaders) from Women Involved in Nation Building of the Philippines headed by Ms. Corazon del Mundo, its President had paid a visit to Vietnam.

On behalf of the Vietnam Women’s Union, Vice-president Nguyen Thi Tuyet cordially receives the delegation atVWU Headquarters and warmly welcomes. At the meeting, the two sides with pride had introduced the establishment and development process of their organizations, as well as to inform the key programmes and activities promoting women’s participation and contributions to thedevelopment of the countries and define women’s concerns and challenges faced.


The delegation visited the Micro-finance Fund run by VWU, Center for Women & Development and Hanoi Women’s Union. They were impressed at the dynamics, concerted efforts and practical activities undertaken by Vietnam Women’s Union for empowerment and advancement of women in all areas.

Through the fieldvisit, the delegation is so inspired at the attention, great support and assistance deserved for women by the Vietnam Party and Government.


The visit has made a contribution to enhancing our mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between women ofVietnam and the Philippines for peace and development.