Plea for HIV/AIDS victims: Numbers in Viet Nam are expected to soar to 300,000 by next year.

BAC NINH — Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has called upon all sections of Vietnamese society to curb discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS, which, she said, was continuing to spread.

Doan was speaking at the launch of the National Month of Action o­n HIV/AIDS Prevention held in the northern province of Bac Ninh yesterday.

By next years, nearly 300,000 Vietnamese are expected to have become infected with the debilitating, deadly - and incurable disease.

Therefore, Doan said that prevention was the key to controlling AIDS in Viet Nam and the world.

This year, the world is focusing o­n a human rights-based approach to theproblem.

The emphasis will be o­n providing help for all people who approach HIV/AIDS prevention services. Care, support and treatment will be given to all who seek it, without discrimination o­n gender, social position, ethnic group or religion.

Doan said the supply of services for HIV/AIDS care, treatment and prevention needed to be strengthened.

Health Minister Nguyen Quoc Trieu said that although progress had been made in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, most people still knew little about what to do.

He said the problem was compounded by discrimination against people living with the disease and a poor network supporting affected people in mountain and remote areas.

The National Month of Action for HIV/AIDS Prevention lasts from tomorrow to December 10.