Conceptual Framework of Thailand’s Proposal

Joint (HRD) Programme on E-women Leadership Development Training Network (E-WLTN)

Rationale / Justification

§Designed to move WLN into a new decade, based o­n existing multisectoral network development / strength and experience (in the 1st decade).

§Thailand’s potential contribution, especially as host to APEC Technology Foresight Centre and experiences o­n e-Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (TGIST, e-Learning module) and other similar e-Network programmes.

§Creation of Leadership Development Support System under the Framework of APEC 2006 Theme (ICT Capacity Development – Sub theme I)

Objective & Goal

§An innovative HRD support system that allows broad participation of member economies and covering multi-sectoral interests (government, business, academic and NGOs)

§Strongwomen leadership in member economies and the APEC region, with emphasis o­n young Leadership

Strategies and Approach

§Member economies are invited and encouraged to jointly plan, design and develop an e-Leadership Development Training Network (e-WLTN) and joint development modules. (Virtual Training Centre).

§APEC – endorsed feasibility study project is initiated, by Thailand and interested member economies (on a voluntary basis).

§APEC Technology Foresight Centre, in cooperation with Thai University Groups o­n Women Studies, serves o­n the (Study) Project Management Team with the selected experts from member economies serving as resource persons.