Hanoi, 14th March, 2012



The 11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress was convened during 11th -14th March, 2012 at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace.

With the theme “Unity, Creativity, Integration and Development”, the National Congress had reviewed the achievements of the Vietnam women’s movements and the VWU in the term 2007-2012; decided the VWU’s directions and tasks in the term 2012-2017; reviewed the guidance and performance of the 10th VWU National Executive Committee; elected the 11th National Executive Committee; and approved the VWU’s Statutes (revised).

Participating in the Congress were 979 official delegates representing millions of VWU’s staff and members throughout the country. Of the total number of delegates, members of the 10th National Executive Committee account for 15.5%; delegates elected at the Women’s Congresses of provinces and VWU’s subordinate units and at the Women Affair Conference held by Vietnam General Confederation of Labor – 74.8% and nominated delegates - 9.7%.

The staff of the WUs of all levels makes 73.0%, delegates from the armed forces 3.5%, Women Affair Sections & Trade Unions of different levels 2.3%, minority ethnic groups 17.5%, religious delegates 2.7%, and VWU members and women 3.8%.

The average age of the delegates is 47.5 years. The eldest is Prof. Dr. Pham Thi Tran Chau, Chairwoman of Vietnam Female Intellectual Association, 74 years old and the youngest is Ms. Dinh Koch, head of the Women’s Chapter of Dau village, Bo Ngoong commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province, 21 years old.

The Congress was honored to have the Party and State Leaders - the Party General Secretary, Government Prime Minister, Chairman of the National Assembly – and President of Vietnam Fatherland Front to attend the Opening Ceremony and join the Congress Presidium.

The Opening Ceremony were also attended by members of the Politburo, Party Central Secretariat and Party Central Committee, Ministers, Vice-Ministers, leaders of sectors & branches, Fatherland Front, mass organizations of central level and Hanoi, representatives of Vietnam Heroic Mothers, armed forces’ heroines, heroines of the Renovation period, revolutionary veterans, VWU’s leaders of different generations, representatives from the brother military units, Ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions, representatives from foreign embassies and international organizations in Hanoi. Representatives from various domestic and international press agencies were present to cover the event.

The Congress was honored and touched to receive congratulation messages and flowers from former Party General Secretary Mr. Do Muoi and General Vo Nguyen Giap. Many international organizations in partnership and friendship with VWU and organizations of overseas Vietnamese women sent congratulation messages to the Congress, showing high appreciation of VWU achievements and their wish to strengthen friendship and cooperation with VWU in the future.

Especially, the Congress was highly privileged to have the Party General Secretary Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong to deliver his remarks and present a banner with the words “Solidarity, Creativity, Integration, Development” as high appreciation of the Vietnamese women.

The remarks by the Party and State Leader, the opening remarks by the 10th term VWU President, the report o­n the performance and achievements of the Vietnam women’s movement and VWU in the term 2007-2012 and the directions and tasks in the term 2012-2017 show the significant care and strong support by the Party and State to women and the VWU, and the important contribution of the women’s movement and VWU activities in different spheres of life. Over the last five years, all strata of women have enthusiastically participating in patriotic emulation movements, actively studying, persistently overcoming obstacles, making dynamic and creative efforts in their work and production, thus effectively contributing to the national economic development, poverty reduction, social security, national development and defense. Responsive to the national political tasks, the trend of international integration, needs and expectations of the women, the WUs of different levels have secured their key role in promoting women’s affairs and gender equality, thus making an important contribution to the implementing of the Politburo Resolution 11-NQ/TW o­n women’s work in the period of accelerated national industrialization and modernization.

Building upon the achievements gained in the term 2007-2012, the National Congress has defined the goal for the term 2012-2017 as:To unify and mobilize women to bring into full play their inner strengths, to proactively and enthusiastically participate in socio-economic development and national defense; To build-up happy and sustainable families; To improve women’s material and spiritual life; To cultivate the Vietnamese women of patriotism, health, knowledge, working skills, resourcefulness, creativity, cultured life-style and kind-heartedness; To build VWU’s strong organization and ability to play fully its key role in women’s activities and gender equality realization”.

The National Congress adopted the Resolutions o­n the VWU’s directions and tasks for the term 2012-2017 as follows:

Eight major targets:

1.80% of women or more will be given by the WUs communication o­n the stance of the Party, laws and policies of the State, and guidance o­n the fine ethics of the period of industrialization, modernization and international integration.

2.100% of member families to be given communication and guidance to implement the movement "Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s", of which 70% or more meet "5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s" standards.

3.By the end of the term, at least 700,000 poor households headed by women will get loans and support from the WUs, of which about 400,000 households lifted out of poverty; to support in construction and repair of 10,000 affection houses; to encourage members’ saving to mobilize a capital of 5,000 billion VND for production.

4.Every year provide vocational counseling, jobs referral and job creation for 100,000 female labourers every year; provide vocational training for 50,000 female labourers, of which approximately 70% have a job after training.

5.VWU will propose at least 05 policies o­n support for families, support for specific groups of women, female labourers, development of female human resources and female staff.

6.Every year, 100% of WUs at provincial level will supervise at least 02 policies; 100 % of WUs at district level and 80% of WUs at commune level supervise at least 01 policy relating to women and gender equality.

7.100% of WU key staff at central and provincial levels meet professional position criteria, 90% or more of district WU key staff and commune WU presidents meet position criteria o­n professional qualifications and political training.

8.VWU membership will reach approximately 75% of women aged 18 and over.

Three breakthrough points:

1.Creating a new momentum in improving the quality and efficiency of women mobilization and support for production development, saving practice and sustainable poverty reduction.

2.Developing a mechanism regulating WU’s responsibility in female cadre work and policies o­n female human resource development.

3.Improving the quality of the WU staff at all levels, particularly the central and communal levels.

Sixmain tasks:

1.Providing communication, education and mobilization of women to implement laws and policies, to uphold fine virtues and to enhance their capacity and awareness.

2.Mobilizing and assisting women in nurturing happy and sustainable families.

3.Mobilizing and assisting women in economic development, sustainable poverty reduction and environmental protection.

4.Advising and proposing, participating in the formulation, provision of social counter-arguments to laws and policies o­n gender equality, and in supervision of their enforcement.

5.Building and developing VWU’s strong organization.

6.Strengthening international relations and cooperation.

Five major solutions:

1. To innovate, improve quality and efficiency of information, education and communication work.

2. To implement synchronized solutions to improve the quality of WU staff of all levels.

3. To improve the direction, governance and management within the VWU system, correcting the signs of bureaucracy and formalism.

4. To invest in theoretical research, practical review and public debate in conformity with the tasks of each WU level

5. To expand and improve the resource coordination and mobilization.

The Congress appealed women nationwide to continue carrying out the emulation movement “Women study actively, work creatively and nurture happy families” integrated with the movement of learning and following the fine virtues of Ho Chi Minh; to expand and intensify the campaign “Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s” (Without poverty, law violation and social evils, domestic violence, giving birth to the third child or more, having malnourished and school drop-out children; clean house, kitchen and surrounding lanes); and to promote and strive for the moral qualities “Self-confidence, Self-respect, Faithfulness, Resourcefulness”.

The Congress decided o­n the size of the 11th VWU National Executive Committee, which will include 169 members. The Congress elected 163 members and assigned the 11th National Executive Committee to elect another 6 members when possible.

At the 1st Conference of the 11th VWU National Executive Committee taking place o­n 13 January 2012, the VWU Presidium, President and 07 Vice-Presidents were elected. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa was re-elected to be VWU President for the term 2012-2017.

During the Congress, President of the State cordially received the 10th VWU Presidum and heads of the delegations. All delegates were also received by Hanoi Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee and Committee for the Advancement of Women.

The 11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress is an important political event, opening up a new stage of development in bringing into full play the roles of women of all strata, tapping their potentials and creativity to contribute to the accelerated national industrialization, modernization and international integration,reaffirming strong support by the Party, State and society to the Vietnam women’s movement and VWU activities.

More detailed information about the Congress results could be obtained at VWU website; or VWU International Relations Department (Tel: +844 3972.0067; Email: