Self Discovery with Home Return

Tracey Nguyen, 30, a senior consultant on business strategy for IBM, has been invited by the United States State Department to speak in a program called “Speakers” in Viet Nam aimed at enhancing understanding between the two countries, which will run from April 2-6. The Vietnamese American hopes she relay her inspiration and experience to the businesswomen in Viet Nam.

Behind her slender and youthful appearance, Tracey Nguyen has had many achievements. The Nha Trang-born girl had a difficult childhood, but she persevered. Tracey Nguyen was granted a scholarship by Johnson & Wales University and was selected to give a speech at the degree ceremony in 1998. The speech was voted by Glamour Magazine as o­ne of the most impressive speeches of the female graduates at the ceremony.

“My first return to Viet Nam changed me.” She said, going o­n to explain that after leaving for the US her life became disconnected from her Vietnamese roots. In 1999 she came back to Viet Nam for the first time. After meeting people from her homeland, she felt she had a better understanding of herself.

Tracey has set up Tu-Anh LLC with her older sister, specializing in designing footwear and jewelry. After three years her company was listed in many fashion magazines such as InStyle, Lucky, and Women’s Wear daily, as well as o­n the “Today” show o­n American television. Later o­n she joined the
Doneger Group, a fashion consulting company, and became their youngest marketing manager.

n 2004, Tracey stopped doing business to concentrate o­n her post graduate study in business management. Thanks to her knowledge, she was recruited as a senior consultant by IBM in 2004 at the age of 29. Enjoying the work at IBM, Tracey still anticipates doing her own business in the future and hopes to have an opportunity to do business in Viet Nam.

Tuoi Tre – translated by Nguyen Mai