Seminar on SWOT analyzing and planning on BDS

Based on the functions and tasks of the Centre for Women and Development (CWD), the identification of which direction/orientation to be feasible, efficient and sustainable in business development services activities has been discussed actively at the Seminar on SWOT analyzing and planning which was organized by CWD (Vietnam Women’s Union) on the 4th-5th July, 2006 at VWU’s office.

This was a very important start-up for preparations o­n receiving and putting into operation the new building at 20 Thuy Khue Str. in the early of 2007.

During the Seminar which was chaired by Ms. Nguyen Thi Oanh, Vice-President of VWU, CWD’s Director, participants analyzed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as identified target groups, main services, customers needs/demands, mechanism, policy and personnel for the development of CWD in BDS activities, especially the cooperation of BDS providers. Through their practical experience and activities, participants from Women Cadre’s Training School, Nam Dinh WU’s Vocational Training Centre, Hanoi Centre for Business Support, Young Business Association, Women Entrepreneurs Club shared advantages, difficulties/constraints and orientation of their own organizations that will input CWD actions planning for the first phase.


Main activities of CWD:

Training, vocational training and laboring exportation

Counseling and development support

Business and other services




Showroom and website

 Ảnh minh họa

                                                               New office building of CWD to be in operation early 2007