The First Training Course Of “100 Women Directors” Program Finished

This is the first training course of “100 women directors” program – A newly test program within “Enhancing capacity for women” project sponsored by Holland government.

This 6 - month course organized by the School of Central Women Cadres finished o­n the morning of 15 October 2006.


Attending this course were 50 women entrepreneurs at the age from 25 to 40 in Hanoi and Ha Tay, Quang Ninh Provinces of which learners from private enterprises account for 74%, foreign-invested enterprises account for 10%, state-owned account for 16%.


With the motto of “Resourcefulness, modern, reality”, applying modern teaching method of developed countries with young dynamic teachers who were trained oversea, this course provided learners with new knowledge associating with global integration trend and according with country reality. The learning results were assessed through business plans with unique ideas, deep knowledge and convincing presentation. The successfulness of the program is the premise for training business administration bachelors in the future, implementing the target of the Program:” Enhancing the capacity of the School of Central Women Cadres for establishing Institute of Vietnamese women”


50 trained-women entrepreneurs was the first result which contributed to meet the demand of Vietnamese women enterprises in enhancing the business administration capacities in the trend of integration and globalization.

According to the Information Center
Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.