The stylish Xa tich (Key chain)

The 54 national groups in Vietnam have many extraordinary traditional costumes that are regarded as part of the precious, intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam.

Each group has its own traditional dress which distinguishes them from the traditional dress of other groups with special colors, decorative style, fashion and accompanying jewelry. Girls from the northwest and northeast use a xa tich (key chain) made of silver, bronze, wild beast’s teeth, claws or braids of colorful threads. The rich wear expensive chains or use multi-chain xa tich. Other girls wear a simple xa tich with small silver or colorful threads’ boxes. The xa tich made of wild beast’s teeth and claws is so precious and rare that people believe that it will bring good luck to the person who wears it. Sometimes, xa tich can be used as a container for palm leaves and tobacco and the girl will happily share it with friends and lovers.


According to traditional ideas, xa tich not o­nly enhances the beauty and elegance of the wearers, but also represents their wealth and style. The people in northeast and northwest areas see the xa tich as a wearable expression of their culture. Nowadays, the profession of silver carving has been gradually reformed and upgraded, andhandicraft experts can decorate a perfect xa tich to enhance a girl’s beauty. Visitors also have a chance to buy o­ne as a valuable and meaningful gift from Vietnam.

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