Thirteenth Vietnam National Women's Congress successfully concluded

With the theme "Promoting fine traditions, solidarity, creativity, and international integration; building a stronger Vietnam Women's Union organization for women's happiness and country's prosperity", the 13th National Women's Congress (2022-2027 term) was held from 9 to 11 March 2022 in Hanoi. The Congress was attended by 959 delegates representing all strata of women across the country.
The Opening of the Congress

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the Opening of the Congress together with various leaders and former leaders of the Party and State, provinces/cities, governmental agencies and mass organizations. Fourty-seven congratulatory messages from international friends and overseas Vietnamese women from all continents were sent to the Congress. In his speech, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highly appreciated the role of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) over the past years and asked the VWU to take the initiative and further promote the women's movement. He also requested the whole political system and call for society to take action on gender equality, considering gender equality as a criterion of advancement and civilization. The Prime Minister also thanked international partners and friends for their support and effective cooperation for the advancement of the VWU and Vietnamese women as a whole.

Submitted to the Congress were 62 reports (including papers and video clips), of which 18 reports and 10 clips were presented at the Congress’s plenary sessions. In addition, the Congress organized 5 simultaneous themed workshops, i.e. 1. Developing Vietnamese women in the new era, 2. Women in the digital economy, 3. Cultivating Vietnamese family values, 4. Building a strong, professional and effective VWU organization, and 5. Building the Party and political system and social mobilizing the society towards gender equality.

The Congress reviewed the VWU's past five-year performance, discussed its  achievements,  restrictions and lessons learned, adopted the goal, orientation and tasks for the 2022-2027 term, and approved the VWU’s Charter (revised and amended).

The Congress elected 155 members of the VWU Central Executive Committee, who in turn elected 31 members of the Presidium, President and 04 Vice-Presidents. Mrs. Ha Thi Nga was re-elected as VWU President for the 2022-2027 term.

The Congress approved the goal, tasks and solutions for the 2022-2027 term as follows.

1. Goal

To promote fine traditions, solidarity, creativity, proactive international integration, and sense of ownership of all strata of women; to build a stronger VWU organization, to actively build the Party and the political system, and to protect the legal and legitimate rights and interests of women. By the year 2030, on the occasion of the VWU’s 100th anniversary, to affirm the VWU’s position as a pioneer organization of  regional and international prestige, striving for women’s happiness, contributing to the successful realization of national development goals.

2. Three main tasks

  • Supporting women in their comprehensive development and in building prosperous, happy, progressive and civilized families.
  • Participating in the building of the Party and political system, focusing on social supervision and criticism and mobilizing the society to realize gender equality.
  • Building a stronger VWU organization which is more professional, effective and proactive in international integration.

3. Four major groups of solutions include:

  • Innovating communication, advocacy and awareness raising activities
  • Innovating direction and administration methods
  • Promoting theoretical research and practice summaries, and 4. Improving the efficiency of coordination and mobilization of resources.

The Congress calls for VWU staff, members, and women nationwide to participate in the emulation movement "Building the Vietnamese women of the new era" as part of the studying and the following of President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, moral example and lifestyle. They are also called upon to take part in the campaign “Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s[i]” and to implement two breakthroughs, i.e. 1. Innovating the VWU’s operation mode, focusing on the application of information technology, and 2. Building a stronger WU organization at the grassroots.

On the sidelines, the Congress opened the exhibition "Vietnamese women expanding their dreams" and launched a SMS campaign to raise fund for the program "Supporting women in border areas” which aims at 130 livelihood schemes valued US$ 5,500 in total for disadvantaged women.


[i] 5 without-s are no poverty, no family members violating the law and social evils, no domestic violence, no violation of population policy, no malnourished children, and no school dropouts. 3 clean-s are clean house, clean kitchen, clean surrounding streets.

Translated by VWU International Relations Department