Training Conference on Combining Gender with Work for the Advancement of Women

With the support of Health Bridge Canada in Vietnam, the NCFAW has recently organized two training conferences on combining gender with the process of forming and implementing policies and works for the advancement of women.

Ms. Tran Thi Mai Huong, Standing Vice President of the NCFAW, opened and guided the conferences.


The first conference was held from 2-3/8/2007 in Ha Long City (Quang Ninh Province) for representatives from Central agencies. The second was held from 9-10/8/2007 in Hanoi for those in provinces/cities.


During the 2-day training conference, participants listened to an introduction of the Gender Equality Law as well as the Party and Government’s policies and guidelines o­n gender equality and special subjects o­n combining gender with socio-economic development plans, management and leadership fields, labor and careers, and education and healthcare.


In order to enhance the capacity of efforts toward the advancement of women, especially the secretariat works of the Department for the Advancement of Women (Department), the training conferences devoted a lot of time to (a) the forum discussing the practices of organizing the apparatus after strengthening the Department following Instructive No. 27/2004/Ttg issued by the Prime Minister and (b) the coordination among the secretariats of Departments for the Advancement of Women in agencies as well as provinces/cities. 

Apart from ten prepared presentations, participants had a lot of ideas about problems faced by the advantaged and disadvantaged women in the secretariat works of the Department and suggestions o­n how to solve current shortcomings.


According to Nguyen Thi Mai – Administration Dept.
Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.,