Training for Management Board of Happy Family Clubs

In order to heighten knowledge and skills for the Management Board of Happy Family Clubs, the WU of Bac Ninh organized training for 140 Management Board members of Happy Family Clubs in the province

 Taking part in the training, participants have been equipped with communication skills and running the clubs as well as knowledge o­n HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive health care and family planning.


Such practical activities as these have enhanced awareness and skills of the Clubs’ Management Board in order to promote awareness of the Clubs members and community and to minimize the rate of HIV/AIDS cases and having the 3rd child.

At present, WUs of all levels in Bac Ninh manage nearly 40 Clubs with more than 1,000 members. In the coming time, new Clubs will be presented to attract women’s participation, to reduce the rate of families having the 3rd child as well as to realize Law o­n Domestic Violence Prevention and Control…

Chu Thanh Phuong - Bac Ninh WU Translated by Le Hang – VWU’s Int’l Relations Dept