Training on Ethnics and Religions for Provincial/District Union’s Staff in 12 Northern Mountainous Provinces

From 26 – 29 June 2007, in the Center for Women and Development, Hanoi, Ethnics and Religions Department (the Central Union) organized training for 120 Union’s staff from 12 provinces, 86 districts in Northern mountainous areas

The participants were leaders and staff in charge of provincial ethnic minority women mobilization, presidents, vice-presidents, members of the Standing Committee from highland and mountainous districts. Contents focused o­n ethnics and religions policies and guidelines in the new period. Especially, speakers and trainees concentrated o­n discussing issues relating Protestantism among ethnic minority people, people mobilization and motivation, religious security, human rights and the implementation of human rights in Vietnam.


Through evaluation of the training’s results, the Union’s cadres were able to raise their awareness of the Party and State’s guidelines and policies o­n religions, to be equipped with knowledge and working methods, to be more confident in providing advice and services in solving questions o­n ethnics and religions in their areas. As part of the training, participants visited the Ethnology Museum at the end of the course. .

Ethnics and Religions Department
Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.