Turning wastes into cash for raising scholarship fund and supporting women in business start-up

In response to “Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s” campaign and movement against plastic wastes, the Women's Union (WU) of Tran Van Thoi district (Ca Mau province) has implemented 2 practical and highly efficient models, not only helping WU members and women raise their awareness of environmental protection, but also helping women overcome their disadvantaged backgrounds, women start up, and their children receive scholarships to go to school.
Women in Khanh Binh Dong commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province, use shopping baskets instead of nylon bags

The model "Reusing inorganic wastes and turning them into cash" has been implemented since 2018 and has attracted the participation of 21,000 WU members. WUs in the district have actively communicated to and mobilized women to collect all kinds of scrap, self-sort plastic wastes such as plastic bottles, cans, etc. The wastes will be collected from each member at monthly regular meetings and will be sold for raising funds to support women in business start-up. So far a fund amounted 212 million VND has been raised by the district WU to support 22 members to start-up.

The model "Raising October 20 scholarship fund from waste and scrap collection" has been implemented since 2017 and has attracted over 18,000 participants. With this model, women get money from selling inorganic wastes or such products made from recycled wastes as bags, night lights, flower pots, etc. At the same time, each member will save at least 2,000 VND per year for the October 20 scholarship fund which will be awarded on October 20 every year, with priority given to children in difficult circumstances with good study performance, especially girls. To date, 765 scholarships from this fund have been awarded.

Products made from recycled plastics

Currently, the model is implemented by 153 women's chapters. In the coming time, the district WU will maintain effective models for replication in the locality while actively communicating to and mobilizing WU members and women to limit the use of nylon wrap, instead to use biodegradable bags or shopping baskets.

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.