TYM Fund (Affection Fund) organized a Seminar on monitoring and solving repayment problems

In the frame work of the jointed project between the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), Saving Bank Foundation for International Cooperation of Germany and CARD (Philippine), a seminar of experience exchange in monitoring and solving repayment problems was organized by TYM Fund, in Hanoi, from 14th to 15th, August 2006.

Attended the Seminar were 40 participants including the representatives from TYM Management Board, TYM’s area managers, branch managers, TYM Head office staff and two experts from CARD.


TYM Fund’s staff and CARD’s experts have shared their experiences in monitoring work. From CARD experience, it has set up a concrete set of monitoring tools to supervise the performances of its branches and centers. This is to ensure a good monitoring work, getting necessary information and saving time and achieving the set objective in each monitoring trip.


Regarding delinquency problem, CARD has applied many strategies to address the problem. However, all the strategies generally focus o­n patiently persuading the clients to repay. For those delinquency cases, which are due to natural disaster, CARD applies the policy of loan rescheduling while for the bad debt cases, CARD may bring them to local court.


One of the strategies to solve delinquency problem of CARD is to conduct direct dialogues with clients with presentation of CARD’s Executive Board members. The purpose of these dialogues is not o­nly to help the clients solving their delinquency problem, but also to provide a forum for CARD’s clients to express their thoughts o­n their repayment, their family business and more importantly, contribute their ideas/suggestions o­n CARD’s services as well as CARD’s staff’ attitude and capacity.

Hoai Thu, TYM Fund.
Translated by Int’l Relations Department.