UNICEF assists VietNam's child protection programme

The .United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) plans to provide Viet Nam with 1.76 million USD for child protection activities this year, a UNICEF official said.

Le Hong Loan, in charge of child protection at the HaNoi-based UNICEF Viet Nam Office, said the financing plan will assist the Vietnamese Government in developing laws and national policies concerning child protection.

The fund will also be used to support community-based child protection interventions, increase public awareness of child protection, improve information and data monitoring systems o­n child protection in the service of policy makers, and allow children to organise activities with an aim of increasing their knowledge of their rights.

Talking with a correspondent of the Vietnam News Agency, Loan explained that the UNICEF>s 2005 Project Plans of Action will include five sub-projects focusing o­n street and unaccompanied children, child labour, child abuse, juvenile justice, and cross­ cutting intervention.

Major coordinating agencies are the Viet Nam Committee for Population, Family and Children and 12 localities benefiting from the project, including HaNoi, HoChiMinh City, HaiPhong, ThanhHoa, QuangNinh, LangSon, DongThap and KhanhHoa.

UNICEF and the Viet Nam Committee for Population, Family and Children are jointly carrying out four projects under the national cooperation programme for 2005.

These projects focus o­n child protection, accelerating the building and execution of children’s rights, enhancing the planning and evaluation capacity for Vietnamese officials, and increasing the dissemination of information for children’s rights.

According to the project management board of the Viet Nam Committee for Population, Family and Children, these four projects are expected to receive a total of around 3.2 million USD from UNICEF this year.

by Women of Vietnam