Vietnam gives top priority to gender equality, says official

The Vietnamese Government has been making every possible effort to boost women’s advancement in all fields, a Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs told the ‘Nora’s Sisters’ seminar in Hanoi on March 27.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa said gender equality requires struggling for the sake of both sexes but inequality generally leans to the side of women, so emphasis is often laid o­n the protection of women’s right and interests.


Vietnam has achieved great progress regarding women’s advancement but gender prejudice remains, which is shown in male chauvinism and the fact that most of household work is done by women, Mr Hoa said. Besides, women and young girls usually have to ‘concede’ career advancement opportunities to men and young boys. All these factors, Mr Hoa concluded, have limited women’s involvement in all aspects of society.


The deputy minister stressed that all family members must be responsible for conducting their duties fairly and sharing burdens to achieve gender equality.


The Nora’s Sisters seminar in Vietnam is part of a series of seminars of the same title, which have been held in a number of countries worldwide since 2006 to celebrate the 100th birthday of famous Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen, the ‘father’ of modern drama and the play A Doll’s House that ‘shook the whole of Europe’.