Vietnam honored in a Belgian school

An impressive activity recently took place to honor Vietnam in school Attenet Royal, which is situated in one of the major districts of Brussels – Belgian capital city.

Visitors were surprised to the magnificence of the Vietnam exhibition. Housed in a spacious and elegant school area, the exhibition took very creative display forms. Interestingly, all the exhibits were collected, created and displayed by the school’s primary pupils.


Through the creativity of the pupils, most of whom have never been to Vietnam, the country appeared alive and vivid – from beauty spots to spiritual life and distinctive culture of the 54 ethnic groups. There was a separate booth for Vietnamese food with tiny crispy spring rolls and paper-made green herbs.


The school’s Principal said that this was the first time for the school pupils to organize an exhibition about a developing country in the world, and Vietnam – a beautiful Southeast Asian country with a rich culture and history – was chosen.


Mrs. Phan Thuy Thanh – Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium – expressed her strong sentiments for what the pupils felt for Vietnam. She thanked the school, Principal and pupils for their efforts in organizing this meaningful activity and wished for development of the friendship between Vietnam and Belgium.


Vietnam News Agency