Vietnam strives to obtain most progressive gender equality achievements in the region

This is a target until 2020 in the Government’s action plan to implement resolution 11-NQ/TW of the Politburo on women in increased period of industrialization and modernization.

 Under the resolution, by 2020 women’s abilities will be increased to satisfy the demand for industrialization, modernization and integration into the world economy, greater involvement in society’s work, enjoy equality in all fields, and greater contributions to society and their families.

One of the seven leading tasks in the action plan is to increase the leadership of authorities at all levels and the political system as well as promote the advancement of women.

Particularly, the resolution targets an increase in women’s status in all areas of life by increasing their participation in leadership and management work, realizing equality between men and women, and planning the training and appointment of female officials.

The Government also assigns responsibility of State-owned administrative agencies in ensuring that female officials take part in managing the State, promote their greater participation in decision-making, and increase the number of female candidates for National Assembly deputies and officials in People’s Council at all levels.

As having received great care from the Party and State, women have strived and made great contributions to the country’s achievements in the renewal process.

According to the Government’s general evaluation, in the economic area, women account for 50.2% of the labourers in the agricultural, forestry, and fisheries production which helps reduce poverty and promotes economic growth. In the industrial, home craft, construction and transport sectors, women are making greater and greater contributions.

Women play a very important role in realizing the national programs o­n poverty reduction making the country a bright point in poverty reduction which is praised by the international community.

In educational and training, cultural and social activities, women account for 70% of the number of officials, teachers, and lecturers at schools and universities and 57% of the number of labourers in the health sector.

The number of female officials in the political area is increasing also. Vietnam is o­ne of the Asian countries that lead in the number of female NA deputies. It is said to be a bright point in gender equality by the United Nations.