Vietnam-US cultural exchange in Washington

On the occasion of the New Lunar Year and in preparation for the “Binh Tuat” Tet (Year of Golden Dog), in the evening of January 21st, the Vietnamese Embassy to the US held a cultural exchange including food and film festivals.

Present at the exchange was young American experts from many sectors such as lawyers, engineers, experts in communication and technology, doctors, officials from health service, commerce and media in Washington City.


According to Mr. Gregory Blender, representative for young experts in Washington, his team often has these kinds of weekly thematical activities.


However, this was the first time that young experts, including quite a lot of Vietnamese-born intellectuals, visited the Vietnamese Embassy to taste food, listen to the music, watch Vietnamese films and discuss with young Vietnamese diplomats about many issues of concern in order to enhance mutual understanding, thus contributing to boosting the relationship between the two countries.


In the close and harmonious atmosphere, Minister Counselor Vu Dang Dung, o­n behalf of the Vietnamese Embassy to the US, introduced to young American experts about the country, the people and special landscapes as well as convenient tourism services of Vietnam with the hope to convey to the American youth a welcome to “Vietnam, a destination of interest and security”


Mr. Vu Dang Dung also briefed about Vietnam’s more favorable business and investment environment and strong socio-economic growth. He highlighted the firm and fast development in Vietnam-US relation after 10 years of normalization and 5 years of signing bilateral trade agreement. He expressed his hope for specific contributions from young American experts so that the relation would be further developed in the coming years.


Young experts had chance to view short documentary film, shown for the first time in the US o­n the occasion of the official visit of Vietnam’s Prime Minister Phan Van Khai in June 2005. The film showcased vivid images, significant historical milestones in “special and sensitive” Vietnam-US relation for the past 10 years.


The film “Doi Cat”, captioned in English, drew attention from youth experts, especially Vietnamese-born intellectuals.

International relation department