Vietnam Women’s Union delegation attends 6th Korea-Vietnam Women’s Forum and KIWIE 2018 events in Korea

From 25 June – July 4 2018, a delegation of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) headed by Vice President Bùi Thị Hòa paid a visit to Korea to attend the 6th Korea – Viet Nam Women’sForum, Women Inventors Exhibition and other activities.

The 6th Korea – Viet Nam Women’sForum was held o­n June 26, 2018 with the theme "Strategies to promote gender mainstreaming in Korea and Viet Nam". The two sides discussed, exchanged and shared experiences in various fields. KWDI shared about gender sensitive statistics and the gender sensitive budget system of local governments in Korea; The VWU shared about its efforts in promoting gender mainstreaming in legal normative documents and initiatives of Ha Giang Provincial Women’s Union to promote and guarantee women’s rights to access to local socio-economic development programs.

The Forum isan event organized inrotation annually by VWU and KWDIto share experiences ingender mainstreaming in policies and laws in both countries. This year forum marks 5 years of cooperation between the two organizations. Vice President Bùi Thị Hòa has presented the Certificate of Merit of the VWU’s Presidium to KWDI to recognize its contribution and efforts for the development of Vietnamese women.

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Vice President Bui Thi Hoa confers VWU Presidium’s Certificate of Merit to KWDI

Besides, the delegation also had discussed with KWDI o­n gender indicators as well astentative theme of the 7th Forum and future cooperation activities.

The 2018Korea International Women's Invention Exposition and Forum (KIWIE) weresuccessfully held with the participation of 28 countries and more than 370 products. The exposition is an opportunity for showcasing, introducinginnovation works, ideas and products of women from different countries, thereby promoting their spirit of invention in scientific research and works.


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Vice President Bui Thi Hoa awardsVWU Special Prizesto 2 winners from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain 

At VWU booth at this exposition, there weredisplayed many women’s traditional, environmentally friendly products. Especially, amonginvention products of Viet Nam for competition, two products of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Mai Huong - Director of Natural Research, JSChavewon prizes, in which Bioglucumin products (300mg / 500mg) have won a Gold Prizeof the KIWIE 2018Organizing Committee and aSpecial Prize of the State Office of Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia; and Bioglucumin G - SilverPrize; Bio-Essence-Birds Nest + Peptides (skin care products) byMs. Doan Thi Phuong Thao - Director of 4H SmartShopping, JSChave been awarded aKIWIE 2018 Silver Prize. At the awarding ceremony, Vice President Bui Thi Hoa awarded VWU Special Prizes to two winners from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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 VWU booth at KIWIE 2018

The KIWIE 2018 forum focuses o­n such topics asproblems and challenges for women inventors in using intellectual property (IP) systems; Promoting innovation-based economic growth - ensuring a supportive environment for women inventors and the growth of their IP based businesses.

The delegation participated in invention training (academy) with the participation of more than 100 delegates from different countries. During the 2 training days, the participants were provided with knowledge o­n IP (overview of IP issues in business, IP product commercialization, IP strategy development ...); Korea's experience in IP support for small and medium enterprises, support for women inventors; Innovation models and successful commercialization of innovative products from several countries (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco, Uzbekistan...).

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 Closing ceremony of invention training

Besides attending the 6th Korea-Vietnam Women’s Forum and the series of events under KIWIE 2018, the delegation hada meeting with Vice President of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to discuss o­n the cooperation projects between the two sides, including the project to support Vietnamese returnee brides married to Koreans; visited Danuri Multicultural Family Information and Support Center.InYangpyeong City (Geonggi Province), the delegation had a meeting with the Deputy Mayor of the city, visited the model of organic farming (strawberry and rice growing, cow raising…); visiting ecovillage model... Besides, the delegation also visited the Vietnam Cultural Center in Korea.

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 VWU Vice President Bui Thi Hoa and KOICA Vice PresidentWooyong Chung

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Visit to Danuri Center

Translated by VWU IRD