Vietnam Women’s Union’s Delegation to Russia, Belarus and Czech Republic

From March 30 to April 10, 2010, a delegation of Vietnam Women’s Union, headed by President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, paid a visit to 3 Eastern European countries of Russia, Belarus and Czech Republic.

In Moscow, Russia, the delegation visited Lenin Mausoleum, had meetings with representatives of Russian Academy of Business, All Russian Public Organization of Business Women, ALT Group and Moscow’s Central District’s Authority. During the visit to Saint Petersburg, the delegation had discussions with the President of the Central District, the Deputy-Secretary of Provincial United Russia Party, the President and a number of members of Women Entrepreneurship Association, and leaders of Provincial Russia-Vietnam Friendship Union.

In Belarus, the delegation spoke with the President and other leaders of the Belarusian Women’s Union, Editor – in – Chief of Alesia, a magazine for women; paid visits to a farm and candy factory “Communarka” headed by a female director and the Social Support Center.

In the Czech Republic, the delegation held meetings and discussions with the Executive Committee of the Union of Vietnamese women living in Czech Republic at their office and “Huong Viet” Women Club; visited Buddha Citing and Worship Hall and “Sen Viet” Kindergarten for Vietnamese children in the SAPA Commercial Center in Prague.

During the working visit, the delegation organized meetings with representatives of Vietnam Embassies, Vietnamese Unions and Vietnamese Women Communities who are living, working or studying in the respective countries.

The delegation’s working mission ended successfully, contributing to strengthen and upgrade the traditional cooperation and friendship between VWU and the Women’s Unions of Russia and Belarus. The working mission has initiated some bilateral activities such as the exchange of female painters between Vietnam and Russia; selective application of the model of Social Support Center in Belarus; establishment of Vietnamese Women’s Corner in the office of Belarusian Women’s Union and exchange of delegations between two Women’s Unions, etc. In addition, the field visits and initial approach of the delegation to the business circles and local authorities in the countries would be practical for a potential economic promotion; foremost being the cooperation between female entrepreneurs in Vietnam and the two countries.

Particularly, the visit of the delegation was warmly welcomed by the Vietnamese Women’s Communities in the three countries. It is considered as practical attention and encouragement from VWU to overseas Vietnamese women.

The working visit has provided VWU a better understanding of the situations and demands of overseas Vietnamese women as well as their advantages and disadvantages and the ways women in three countries organize their activities. This is the basis for the studies and determinations of appropriate methods to unite, establish, and develop the network of overseas Vietnamese women in order to promote their capacities and mobilize their contributions to the mother country.