Vietnam Women’s Union signed a coordinated program “Building friendly schools and active students”

On April 22, the Ministry of Education and Training organized a signing ceremony of emulation movement “Building friendly schools and active students” for the period of 2009 – 2013 in coordination with the Vietnam Women’s Union and the Learning Promotion Association. Taking part in this ceremony are representatives of the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

 The Vice President of the State, Minister of Education and Training (MOET) Nguyen Thien Nhan said that this coordination aims at implementing, improving the quality and effectiveness of the emulation movement “Building friendly schools and active students”. Each branch and organization makes contribution to the movement with itself strength and the strength of the whole socio-political system for the cause of “human developing” and for the sake of the future of every family and the Nation as well.


To uphold the important role of family in creating condition for children to study and in educating their characteristic, MOET continued to cooperate sign the coordinated program with the Vietnam Women’s Union and the Study Encouragement Society aiming at exploring every policy of the State, the support of individuals, agencies to ensure requirements of having enough food, studying materials, clothes; and convenient, stable studying places for students; and being known about policies o­n supporting the children's study in different regions including policy o­n vocational learning encouragement to farmers' children; known about the demand of labor and jobs in locality and neighboring regions in order to decide to follow a suitable way and choosing studying and training places that are suitable with itself and family's condition.


This program includes 5 contents: Building green, clean and safe schools; Effective and suitable teaching and learning; Practicing living skills for children; Organizing joyful and wholesome collective activities; Students take part in learning about and upholding the value of historical, cultural and revolutionary monuments in locality.


This program has also been signed with the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism from August 2008.


Translated by Int'l Relations Dept.