Vietnamese model wins Asian Face prize

Yet again, Ha Anh, A Vietnamese student in London, has won a modelling contest. This time it was the Asian Face competition in London.

This is a competition organised by Clickwalla – a well known Asian Media and Entertainment Services Company in London - in conjunction with Celebraisan. Eligible contestants are Asian students living in Britain. The competition chooses o­ne best male and o­ne best female model.


Recently, Nguyen Vu Ha Anh also won first prize in a fashion competition organised by Glamour Fair (London and Miami) and A La Carte (Paris), two famous fashion companies.


Ha Anh is also known to Vietnamese students in Britain as an executive member of the Vietnamese Student Committee in England.


Before going to Britain, Ha Anh was an excellent student at the Hanoi Amsterdam School. Last year she was granted a o­ne-year scholarship to the British Academy of Music in London.


Before the final night of the competition audiences voted for candidates they liked most through the website

Tuoi Tre