Vietnamese traditional costume exhibit

Recently, Art Division, Ministry of Culture and Information organized an exhibit introducing traditional costumes of 54 Vietnamese ethnics at Van Ho Exhibit Center. This is considered the most sufficient ethnical costume collection ever since.

About 130 casual, festival and religious costumes of people from all ethnics in Vietnam big family were displayed at the exhibit. They are very impressive and can be considered as valuable art works. The exhibit fascination also lies o­n hundreds of objects, tools, materials and nearly 300 photos illustrating traditional weaving and sewing in every region.


Looking at the designs and patterns o­n the clothes, skirts, scarves, bags and other belongings ..., the audience can imagine a part of society, era, traditions, customs, practices, life style, concept of human life and universe ... of an individual or the whole community. Pictures of breeding silkworm and hand weaving in plain regions, spinning thread and embroidering in mountainous area ... are always attached to images of Vietnamese women for generations. Being good at weaving fabric, making clothes and embroidering is even considered a measurer of traditional women's value. As a result of changes in several traditional cultural values as well as high speed development of present industry,a great variety of materials and clotheswith various and comfortable designs have been produced by machines in huge amount thus heavily affected the tradional weaving, sewing and embroidery. In many localities, people of ethnic minority groups already wear ready made clothes, buy industrial cloths and use machines to embroid patterns.


This exhibition, therefore, is not o­nly to respect traditional cultural values but also to send audiences a message of ways and demands for preserving these values.

People’s Newspaper