Vietnamese traditional dress to be shown in US museum

Vietnamese ao dai (traditional long dress) will be introduced at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles of the US from April 18 to July 9.

The exhibition, named ‘Ao dai: A Modern Design Coming of Age’ is jointly organised by the museum and the US-based Viet Art Association.

This is the first time ao dai, the traditional dress of Vietnam has been introduced abroad o­n such a large scale and for quite a while.

Three top Vietnamese designers, Minh Hanh, Si Hoang, Minh Khoa and artisan Trinh Bach will send 80 ao dai sets to the exhibition.

Artisan Trinh Back who specialises in restoring Royal costume, will introduce three sets of ancient ao dai. These costumes were worn by prince during important ceremonies and rituals.

Designer Minh Hanh will debut with  30 sets of ao dai having decorations of brocade of ethnic minority people, chrysanthemum and lotus flowers.

Designer Si Hoang, apart from drawing ao dai, which is his strength, will also introduce collections of ao dai for children with decorations from paintings drawn by themselves.

Minh Hanh's ai dai with designes
from ancient painting.

Children's ao dai by Si Hoang.

Designer Minh Khoa’s ao dai sets feature a modern style with lace and Japanese kimono material.

Although the exhibition is set for April, these sets of ao dai were sent to the US for preparation before lunar New Year Tet.

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