VWU attends Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition (KIWIE)

At the Invitation of the Korea Women Inventors Association, VWU’s delegation headed by Ms. Bui Thi Hoa, VWU Vice President attended the 6th Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition(KIWIE) in COEX, Seoul, Korea from April 30th to May 5th.

With the slogan “International Network of Women Inventors for Business Activities” and the theme “Creative Economy-Intellectual Property - Innovative Women”, the event was a series of activities, including Exposition of Inventions of women from Korea and some other countries, International Women’s Invention Forum, International Workshop for Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs, and Awarding to best inventions of Korean and International women entrepreneurs. This is an annual activity hosted by Intellectual Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in collaboration with the Korea Women Inventors Association (KWIA), supported by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The event has attracted broad participation by Koreans and internationals. Entrepreneurs from Korea and more than 20 countries have had 126 booths displaying innovative products in the areas of environment, handicrafts, healthcare utilities, biotechnology, household appliances, education, IT, products of natural ingredients, and products with national cultural identity.

The VWU has brought to the exhibition 03 innovative products by Ms Nguyen Thi Dong, Director of Hoa Lan Joint Stock Company. They are produced from the natural materials which are easily available in Vietnam, eco-friendly, healthy, and affordable to the working people. The Relax Gel by Ms Nguyen Thi Dong was awarded the 3rd prize by the Organizing Committee and the special prize by the Korea Institute of Patient Information. Besides, the Vietnamese booth displayed traditional handicrafts such as silk, brocade, pictures, and bookmarks made by people with disability and Hmong women, and attracted high attention of visitors.

The Vietnam delegation presented VWU cup to the high school girl students of Malaysia - the creators of mini solar refrigerator using available and eco-friendly materials.

Attending the Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition, VWU has learned a lot of experiences so as to successfully organize the 2nd Vietnam Women's Innovation Day in October this year.

Tran Ha – Supporting Women in Economic Development Department

Translated by Int’l Relations Department