VWU calls for support for victims of agent orange

VWU recently organized a solemn meeting to support Agent Orange (AO) victims in Vietnam filed a lawsuit against the US chemical companies. VWU president Ha Thi Khiet, the Vice-President of the Association of AO victims of Vietnam, Do Xuan Dien, and many other cadres of VWU’s central office were present at the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Dien discussed the association’s role and the key points of the lawsuit. He also called for support for AO victims in Vietnam. o­n behalf of VWU’s Presidium, Madame Khiet expressed her appreciation to the associations and AO victims for their collective civil lawsuit that demands the US companies take responsibility for AO victims in Vietnam. In addition, she expressed her sympathy to AO victims and their families. o­n this occasion, VWU called o­n all women in Vietnam and other countries to increase their support of AO victims. Initially, all officers of VWU’s central office signed their names and donated a day’s wage to support AO victims. Madame Khiet also gave a donation of VND 10 million to representatives of the Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin victims of Vietnam.

Women of Vietnam Review