VWU Members are Provided with 199 Billion VND to Develop Economy

In 2005 and the early months of 2006, Bac Ninh Women's Union at all levels combined with the Social Policy Bank to mobilize funds from other sources. This money funded 55,614 women members with more than VND 199 billion, in which, VND 112 billion is Social Policy Bank's fund equal to 56%. Districts with the largest funds are Que Vo (67,8 billion) and Yen Phong (34,6 billion).

Along with the funds from Social Policy Bank and other sources, the Women's Union also maintains and develops saving women groups. So far, the whole Province has newly set-up 367 saving credit groups with 7,680 members and increased the total of 1,197 saving groups to 23,837 members.


The money mentioned above was used to help women invest in manufacturing, husbandry and expanding the production field. As a result, 1,942 households have overcome poverty, reaching 49,6% of the total of poor women-owned households.


Activities carried out were:


* The training of 55,614 borrowers o­n planting and husbandry techniques


In 2005, the Bac Ninh Women's Union co-coordinated with the Agriculture branch to transfer science and technology skills to 74,621 women cadres and members, including 55,614 borrowers (equal to 100%) to help women use loans more effectively.


Women applied advance science and technology methods in manufacturing, husbandry, plant and animal restructuring, breeding special animals like stag, ostrich, growing bonsai and flower, and developing a farm model from the knowledge, equipment and loans provided. The survey showed that the whole province has 12,100 households with average income of 50,000,000 VND and up per year.


* Organized 32 job training courses


Apart from the previous activities, Bac Ninh Women's Union at all levels further developed job training activities and created new jobs for women members. In 2005, the whole province organized 32training courses o­n producing rattan, embroidery, making raincoats and hair-dressing for 1,793 women. After the training course, 1,523 women had jobs with an average income between 300,000 to 400,000 VND/head/month.

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