VWU promotes relations with women’s organizations in Ukraine, Poland and Germany

In order to gain more information about overseas Vietnamese women’s organizations and make recommendations on promoting support for overseas Vietnamese women to the Party and the State of Vietnam as well as to strengthen cooperation and relations with women and people of other countries, a VWU delegation, led by President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, paid a working visit to Germany, Poland and Ukraine from October 14th-23rd, 2013.

During the visit, the delegation met with women's organizations in 3 different countries including the National Council of German Women's Organizations, the Polish Congress of Women, the Ukrainian Women’s Union and the Women’s Union of Ukraine “For the Future of Children". At the meetings, the Vietnamese delegation and its counterparts shared information about their respective organizational structures and activities, with particular emphasis o­n policy advocacy and supervision of law enforcement in order to protect women’s rights and interests. The organizations expressed their desire to make joint efforts to increase mutual understanding and cooperation to affirm the role and influence of women's organizations in their countries, in line with the mandate of policy advocacy for women’s advancement and gender equality.

The delegation had an opportunity to learn about education for children in Germany and Ukraine through a visit to Ho Chi Minh High School in Kiev, Ukraine and the Vietnamese - German bilingual kindergarten named "Beside Old Chestnut Tree". Located in Berlin, “Beside Old Chestnut Tree” is the first German - Vietnamese bilingual school for children born to German-Vietnamese couples and others. The delegation also took part in an o­nline seminar o­n education policy - a forum for educators, managers, researchers, policy makers and social activists in the field of education to exchange, discuss, evaluate, and recommend changes for the development of education policy in Ukraine. 

During the visit, the delegation also met with different Vietnamese women's organizations in the three countries. They were updated about the living situation and aspirations of overseas Vietnamese women, which are good inputs for the first Conference o­n Overseas Vietnamese Women held in November 2013. The visit also helps VWU develop new activities in the future that will strengthen its role in mobilizing Vietnamese women to unite, preserve national culture and identity and contribute to their fatherland development.


By VWU International Relations Department